DigitalPlayground Videos Dickhancement

Hey there guys and gals and welcome to a new digital playground videos update. As you know, every now and then we get to show you some juicy babes in motion having their fun. And today’s little naughty scene features a lady nurse that gets to inspect some of her clients for some pills. She needs to give them a physical and as one comes in, she has him come behind the counter to give him the examination. Well let’s get to watch her straight up whipping out the guy’s cock and you can see her sucking it with a passion. The digitalplayground continues with even more kinky stuff so let’s just sit back and relax as you get to check it out!

That’s no nearly enough as those pills can only be given to guys that know how to please a woman in the first place, so she has to test him on that too. Well she doesn’t really, but today she’s just extra horny and wants a guy to fuck her right then and there in her office. After making him get all touchy feely with her sexy ass and round perky tits, the lady sends him on his way ant tends to the next guy. He seems to want the same thing, but you already know that she’s super horny, so…yeah, rest assured that she got plenty of dick today with her little excuse. So do take your time to enjoy the whole video and we’ll be back again in the future with another one for you!